Fund the Match

The testing to determine if children are transplant eligible and to identify their donor is just the beginning of the financial burdens that will devastate a family during the treatment process. Kids Beating Cancer reduces this burden by funding the pre-transplant testing cost. These costs are never funded by Medicaid, and include the expensive donor matching tests and donor search expenses so every child can access their only hope for a cure. The average cost per for child is $10,000 even before the transplant is started. Kids Beating Cancer reduces that burden on the families so every child can have equal access to a cure through the “Fund the Match” program for children seen at the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center, poised to be the busiest Pediatric Transplant Center in the State of Florida is the only pediatric center serving all three local children’s hospitals and beyond.

“Fund the Match” program allows children to access to treatment allowing them to grow up, free of pain, and to live a normal life span. With Medicaid NEVER funding the pre-transplant testing from patient eligibility, to transplant readiness, and testing family members necessary to identify a potential donor, to funding a national and international donor search for a volunteer or cord blood donor, Kids Beating Cancer is the only funding source to give low-income children access to the only medical treatment for a chance at a cure. With the increased number of Central Florida children diagnosed with one of 80 different diseases only treated by a stem cell transplant, KBC’s “Fund the Match” program needs to increase funding to sustain the Center’s ability to treat any child regardless of insurance coverage.

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