Heroes Honored

Healing Hero for Excellence Awards

Kids Beating Cancer is a trusted resource for the children and families during treatment and the community and beyond, by educating about the step-by-step process of stem cell transplantation, the need for stem cell donors and the need to support the critical pre-transplant costs never covered by Medicaid and only partially covered by insurance. The Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center provides the region’s best pediatric stem cell transplant treatment by supporting cutting-edge protocols, family-centered patient support services, and the education of medical leaders.

Planned for 2018: “Science is the Cure,” a medical informational TV documentary highlighting Dr. David Shook, Medical Director of the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center at Florida Hospital for Children. This documentary will share the science behind bone marrow transplantation and cellular therapy.

Annually, at the Hats & Heroes Ball, Kids Beating Cancer presented two prestigious awards, the Healing Hero for Excellence in Pediatric Medicine and Community Leadership. In 2016, Kids Beating Cancer added a third award — the Healing Hero for Excellence for Hope.


Recipients of these Awards to date:

Healing Hero for Excellence in Pediatric Medicine — 2018 Recipient

Rajan Wadhawan, MD, Senior Executive Officer – Florida Hospital for Children & Florida Hospital for Women

Healing Hero for Excellence in Pediatric Medicine — Past Recipients

                                                                                           2017 David Shook, MD

Dr-Woo2016 Raymund Woo, MD

Ramos2015 Agustin Ramos, MD

                                                                                            2014 Ben Guedes, MD

                                                                                        2013 Gregor Alexander, MD

                                                                                        2012 Jogi Pattisipu, MD

Healing Hero for Excellence in Community Leadership — 2017 Recipient

Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic

Healing Hero for Excellence in Community Leadership — Past Recipients


’16 Bill Hull, Dealer Partner, Massy Cadillac


’15 Lars Houmann

’14 Dr. Joyce & Buddy Hewell, A.T.A.P. COMPANIES

’13 Dick Batchelor

’12 Al Weiss

Healing Hero for Excellence for Hope — 2016 Recipient


Dr. Fouad Hajjar, Medical Director of Hematology Oncology at Florida Hospital for Children


“May we have eyes to see those who are rendered invisible and excluded, open arms and hearts to reach out and include them, healing hands to touch their lives with love, and in the process heal ourselves.” – Dr. Jack McConnell

Healing Hero of Excellence for Pediatric Medicine 

The Kids Beating Cancer Healing Hero Award for Excellence in Pediatric Medicine is awarded to a Central Florida Pediatric Physician who exemplifies the medical profession’s highest values: commitment to service, community involvement, altruism, leadership and dedication to patient care. This award honors a physician whose life encompasses the true spirit of being a medical professional caring for people, a physician who will go above and beyond practice norms for the betterment of humanity, and thereby upholds the highest ideals of the medical profession. By practicing medicine in areas of challenge or crisis, or by devoting their time to volunteerism or public service, this physician serves as the voice of patients in Central Florida who otherwise might not be heard.

Award Criteria:

  • Promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of the public health.
  • Embody the values of the medical profession through leadership, service, excellence, integrity, and ethical behavior.
  • Enrich patients, colleagues and the community through dedicated medical practice or service.
  • Offer better access to quality healthcare for an underserved patient population in the U.S.

Healing Hero Award for Excellence in Community Leadership

This award recognizes a distinguished citizen and community leader who has given extraordinary amounts of time and talent to the community and exemplifies service and civic support.

The nominees for the Kids Beating Cancer Healing Hero for Excellence in Community Leadership are individuals who have acted with integrity, faith and confidence on behalf of the community, as well as being a catalyst for creation of positive leadership in Central Florida, in the region and beyond. The nominees for this award are those who have exemplified outstanding service and civic leadership and have been significantly generous in giving of time and support to children’s health.

Award Criteria:

  • Community leader acting with integrity, faith and confidence on behalf of the community and children’s health.
  • Catalyst for positive leadership: demonstrates dedication to strengthening and transforming community leadership.
  • Commitment to, and involvement in, Central Florida and the region and beyond.
  • Exemplifies strong service and civic leadership for children: generous in gift of time and support to the community’s needs.
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