Partners & Leadership


Margaret Voight Guedes, President, CEO and Founder
Margaret is an experienced leader with 30 years in healthcare administration and nonprofit management, and is dedicated, passionate and driven to connect philanthropy to the real-time needs of children and families with cancer.

Sam Azar, COO & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Margaret Guedes, President, CEO & Founder
Kids Beating Cancer

Sam Azar, COO & Chairman of the Board
Kids Beating Cancer

Seth Miller, Treasurer
Talk of the Town Restaurant Group

Kaylene Woo, Secretary
1995 LLC

Ben Guedes, MD, Director
Florida Hospital for Children

Marilyn Stout, Director
Wall St Investment Managers, PA

Donnie Saxon, Director
Saxon-Clark Furniture Patio Design

Kelly Allred, Phd, RN-BC, CNE, Director
University of Central Florida

Tom Lupo, Director
Space Coast Pictures, Inc.

David Shook, MD, Medical Director
Florida Hospital for Children

John Bocchino, Board Attorney
Beytin, McLaughlin, McLaughlin, O’Hara, Kinman & Bocchino, P.A.

Development Advisory Board

The Development Advisory Board’s objective is to identify individuals, corporations, events and opportunities that can financially support the mission of Kids Beating Cancer and the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center.

KBC Development Mission

Identify projects that attract backers for specialized funding purposes. To entertain, enrich, and educate the community at large — via media exhibition, public events, and forums. Executives from the financial, creative, and marketing talent pools that come together accomplishing “concept through completion”; ultimately creating mass public awareness both regionally, and nationally. Minimizing efforts while accelerating contributions for “Kids Beating Cancer” foundation.


After 25 years of serving the Central Florida community and beyond, Kids Beating Cancer is the oldest and most trusted resource for families during time of crisis. Through the great support and inspiration of many important corporate and foundation donors and individual supporters, Kids Beating Cancer is able to continue providing resources and support for children with cancer, leukemia and related life-threatening diseases.  A special thank you to our Partnerships that provide us with ongoing financial, inspirational and promotional support to further the Kids Beating Cancer Mission.

Thank you to all who support the children!


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In 2011, Kids Beating Cancer established the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center with a pledge of one million dollars to Florida Hospital for Children. Today’s children, as well as future generations diagnosed with cancer, leukemia and related life-threatening diseases, need a place dedicated to curing their disease. Any child can come to the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center to be evaluated as a possible transplant treatment and receive the testing necessary to identify a compatible donor, regardless of insurance coverage or the family’s financial means.

Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center


Thank you Massey Cadillac, Bill Hull and your amazing Sales Team, for raising over $100,000 for Kids Beating Cancer and its Pediatric Transplant programs. Your passion and commitment for these precious children and determination to give them a second chance at life is an example of the impact one generous corporation can have on the lives of children facing life-threatening diseases!



Thank you to our friends at SeaWorld® for all they do for our families throughout the year!  Especially during October, when SeaWorld hosts 125+ of our kids and their families for a special day at the SeaWorld Halloween Spooktacular® celebration. They generously provide park tickets, SeaWorld characters, special animal visits to touch and feel, goodie bags and premium seating at the Shamu Show. Our kids really look forward to this annual event. Any child who can travel to SeaWorld Orlando for the party is welcome.


appleton creative

Appleton is an award-winning, full-service marketing & advertising agency based in Orlando that works with local, national and international clients to help them grow and flourish. Appleton works with both B2B and B2C companies in the development of marketing campaigns, media plans and public relations strategies, through all mediums, including web design and development, SEO, digital marketing, video and print.


The British American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) has the objective of being the focal point for British owned businesses in Central Florida, including the Space Coast; also to businesses and individuals who conduct business with said companies or directly with the U.K. and her subjects. The BACC strives to be the united voice and effective business development platform for its members. Kids Beating Cancer is one of the approved BACC benefactors of their philanthropic endeavors.

More About British American Chamber of Commerce



GuideStar USA, Inc. is an information service specializing in reporting on US nonprofit companies. Kids Beating Cancer is a 5 Star Guidestar Exchange GOLD participant. Since 2010, the Guidestar database has contained over 5 million IRS 990 forms on 1.9 million organizations.

Visit KBC GuideStar Exchange Report

Spectrum has been a partner since 2015.  They have helped us share our mission to the Central Florida community to help families with children that are diagnosed with cancer.


We are so thankful for the Margarita Society!  Every year, they give Kids Beating Cancer toys and bikes to distribute at our annual Christmas party to our Kids Beating Cancer children and families.

Space Coast Pictures, Inc. is KBC’s production company providing executive producing, direction, and consultation for KBC broadcast commercials, television specials, and live theater productions. Space Coast Pictures, Inc. recruits professionals who have the highest standards of practice, skill, and experience in the entertainment industry. SCP goal for KBC is to create national television specials entitled “The Science Behind The Cure”, to secure sponsorship revenues streams for the foundation.

Talk of the Town Restaurant Group Foundation encouraged the Central Florida community to raise money for Kids Beating Cancer through two different fundraising drives. First their monthly “Round Up for Charity” campaign featured Kids Beating Cancer for the month of March and second they hosted a dinner called “John’s Challenge” where 10 teams competed to raise $10,000 for Kids Beating Cancer.   They raised a total of $134,967!

As part of the Foundation, the following restaurants in the Talk of the Town family participated in the Round Up for Charity program:  

Thank you Saxon-Clark for being our 2018 Hats & Heroes Ball Presenting Sponsor!






Orlando based artist, Cheri Riechers, has worked with Kids Beating Cancer since 2012 organizing community art projects to raise awareness, support the charity’s mission and provide resources for children with cancer, leukemia and related life-threatening diseases. In September 2014, she unveiled an interactive 3-D mural in the treatment room at the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center.

More About CheriArt


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