Karing for Kids Program

When Kids Beating Cancer’s kids make a wish they ask for the simple gift most people take for granted… LIFE!

Karing for Kids provides children battling cancer, leukemia, sickle cell, and related life-threatening blood diseases, and those in need of a bone marrow or cord blood transplant, and their families, with information, play therapy for the kids, and individualized support services to survive the day-to-day, critical, and complex needs that occur while their child is in treatment. This unique program empowers the family with the tools to better cope and survive as a family unit, regardless of the outcome of the ill child.

Karing for Kids provides therapy for the children through art and special celebrations. Staff work with the children to lift their spirits and just have fun. In addition, support services are provided to the family between hospital stays including resources on treatment and marrow transplantation. Karing for Kids provides soft hand-made blankets for kids to feel warm and cozy in bright colors to feel more at home while in the hospital receiving treatment. Along with their new patient package, each child receives "Bunky," Kids Beating Cancer’s Teddy Bear, and age appropriate toys, games and necessities to assist the children during the long hospital stays that will become a new routine during their treatment.

Compassionate Partners are trained volunteers that visit with the children while they are in the hospital to play games or read, to give moms a time out, or fill the loneliness of the day for kids whose parents both work. Karing for Kids provides "Last Chemo Day Celebrations" for children at the conclusion of their last in-patient chemotherapy treatment. This celebration empowers the children to celebrate their bravery and accomplishments in completing the cycle of the painful treatment process.

Karing for Kids provides family education, resource materials and one-on-one guidance to strengthen the families in dealing with the problems associated with navigating the medical and financial barriers associated with life-threatening disease.

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