2013-2014 Objectives

Kids Beating Cancer’s vision is to be the resource so that children diagnosed with cancer, leukemia or related life threatening diseases will receive the best treatment regardless of their family’s financial situation, while providing support for families as they face the challenging journey towards a cure. Kids Beating Cancer’s goal is to guarantee access to transplantation by eliminating the financial barriers, so every child can receive this life-saving treatment without delay.


In 2011, in recognition of a one million dollar pledge to fund the unmet costs related to marrow or stem cell transplantation, Florida Hospital for Children, named the newly established transplant center, the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center, in memory of John Robert Voight. Through Kids Beating Cancer’s advocacy and support, Central Florida now has a place dedicated to the healing of today’s children as well as future generations diagnosed with leukemia, cancer and 80 other malignant and non-malignant life threatening diseases.


Fund the Match removes the financial barriers to care by funding the pre- transplantation workup, at a cost per child of $10,000 to $70,000, costs never covered by Medicaid and frequently not totally covered by insurance. By removing these financial barriers to care, “Fund the Match”, allows children access to a life saving transplant when they need it, without delay.

My Room creates a safe and fun place for a child during treatment. A themed hospital room is customized according to each child’s preference, such as Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, or Spiderman complete with bedding, games, toys, and other age appropriate items. The transplant process is lengthy, coupled with an extended stay away from the familiarity and comfort of the child’s home, causing children to become very homesick. “My Room” puts a child’s distinct fingerprint on the room he or she will be calling home for many months.


In order to remove the financial burdens placed on families, Kids Beating Cancer funds non-medical and non-covered expenses for children during treatment. “Caring for Kids” program enhances and inspires children and their families from diagnosis to survivorship with fun activities, family parties, milestone celebrations, toys, bicycles, blankets and Kids Beating Cancer’s trademark Teddy Bear, “Bunky.”


Kids Beating Cancer is a trusted resource for children and families during treatment and beyond, educating and assisting them as they proceed through the step-by-step process of marrow and stem cell transplantation.


Kids Beating Cancer is to be the resource to ensure access to marrow and stem cell transplantation, by eliminating the financial barriers so every child can receive this life-saving treatment, without delay. In addition, to remove the many burdens families face during the long hospital stays necessary during treatment of 80 malignant and non-malignant life threatening diseases.


Since 1992, Kids Beating Cancer has recruited and DNA tested over 37,000 potential donors onto the national registry, any one of which could match a patient in need of transplantation anywhere in the world, has served over 7,000 children, and has raised over $10 million dollars. In October 2012, Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center at Florida Hospital for Children accepted its first patient. Since October 2012, the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center has received nearly 500 oncology, hematology and transplant admissions. Twenty of these children received a transplant with Kids Beating Cancer funding the pre-transplant medical costs not covered by insurance. Of the 20, seven received funding for their transplant during 2013.


Marker  “Margaret Guedes: A mother’s endless love,” Orange Appeal Magazine May/June 2012 issue 
Marker  “Generosity Heals 2012” honored at Florida Hospital Annual Board Dinner January 2012
Marker  “Generosity Heals 2011” honored at Florida Hospital for Children grand opening May 2011
Marker  Best of Orlando article: “Home Grown Charities,” Orlando Magazine, August 2007 issue
Marker  “Always Giving… Never Giving Up” article in Central Florida Doctor Magazine, July 2007 issue
Marker  America’s Charity Top Flight Award 2007
Marker  America’s Charity Top Agency Superstar 2007
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Marker  America’s Charity Award 2006
Marker  “Kids Beating Cancer: Making Miracles One Donor At A Time” article, Lifestyles Magazine, September 2006 issue
Marker  Kids Beating Cancer's Founder and CEO received the impressive 2004 Community Honoree Award from the National Speaking of Women's Health Foundation. This award was presented at the 2004 Orlando Convention on August 14, 2004 at the Orlando Convention Center.
Marker  Kids Beating Cancer (KBC) received a $13,000 "Helping Kids Shine" Grant from the Walt Disney World Corporation in 2004, and from 1997-2001 received Walt Disney World Corporation Community Service Awards, including the "Judges Choice Award" twice, the “Special Judges Award” once, and the "Special Health Services " Award twice, totaling $76,000 donated along with the community service awards. These awards are given to organizations they feel have made significant contributions to the community, surpassing their goals and expectations.
Marker  KBC has met the strict requirements to be accepted as one of America’s Charities for the State of Florida for the past 7 years.
Marker  KBC’s CEO and founder Margaret Guedes received the 2002 Southeastern and National America's Charities Community Leadership Awards for exemplary service to her community and the charitable community at large.


Marker  In 1994 KBC met the stringent qualifications to be contracted with the National Marrow Donor Program as the first Marrow Donor Recruitment Group of its kind for the State of Florida after recruiting, registering and funding the tissue typing tests for 1,000 new donors. 
Marker  In 1994 KBC met the stringent qualifications to be contracted with the National Marrow Donor Program as the first Marrow Donor Recruitment Group of its kind for the State of Florida after recruiting, registering and funding the tissue typing lab tests for 1,000 new donors. Now, 17 years later, KBC continues to be a contracted Marrow Donor Recruitment Center for the Be The Match Registry (new name, same Donor Registry) testing thousands of new donors every year.
Marker  KBC has tissue typed (DNA) over 37,000 volunteers.
Marker  Margaret Guedes, a Central Floridian of the Year runner-up for her passion