Be the light of hope, be part of the cure.

Dear Friends,

For those of us with children, we take great joy in their lives and happiness. In 1991, I was fighting for my nine-year-old son's life as he struggled to survive his four-year battle with leukemia. He died in January 1992, two and half years after his second bone marrow transplant, four years since he was diagnosed. Even though he did not survive, I knew that marrow transplantation was, and still is, the only potential cure for children like John. As a memorial to that brave little boy, I started Kids Beating Cancer, Inc.; an organization devoted to unique support services for children like John, and their families. Kids Beating Cancer's highest priority is to be the resource so that no child diagnosed with cancer, leukemia or related life-threatening diseases would ever be denied treatment regardless of ability to pay; and to ensure access to transplantation by eliminating the financial barriers so every child can receive this life-saving treatment, when they need it. The lives saved through marrow and cord blood transplantation are my tribute to John.

During this time take a moment to think about those you love the most, perhaps a child or a grandchild. If you are fortunate, they are healthy and strong. But not every child today is so lucky. We never know when leukemia, cancer, or similar life-threatening diseases might strike someone we know or love. You can light the way and offer these children and their families HOPE. Kids Beating Cancer is saving lives by funding the testing necessary to receive a marrow or cord blood transplant. Helping these children and their families hold their lives together emotionally and financially while struggling with the devastation of the long and complex treatment process, is what Kids Beating Cancer is all about. As a thankful memorial to your healthy child, grandchild, or someone you love, give a unique gift, a contribution to Kids Beating Cancer, in their honor. Your gift will allow children with cancer to have the hope of a cure and a second chance to live, laugh, and grow up to be all that they were meant to be.

God Bless,
Margaret Voight Guedes
CEO, President & Founder